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When you intend to work with an angel investor, you are going to need to have a number of financial statements in hand when you present your business to this third party. If you are a new business or are planning to start a new venture then you are going to need to have a business plan that has forward looking financial statements. This is an especially difficult process as you are going to need to make an accurate determination of what your business venture will generate in regards to profits as well as cash flow. If you are unable to figure these issues out on your own then it may be in your best interest to work with a certified public accountant or financial adviser that work with you in determining your forward looking financial models. grabovoi codes list

If you are a business that is already in operation then you are not only going to need to provide forward looking financial statements, but you will most likely be asked to provide all information regarding your company’s past operations. Most importantly, you will need to provide a profit and loss statement, a cash flow analysis, and your tax returns. When it comes to small businesses, the actual profitability of the business may vary significantly from what is shown on a tax return. This is due to the fact that some expenses incurred by the business ultimately benefit the owner. These expenses often include technology purchases, communications charges, vehicle expenses, and health insurance benefits. As such, your certified public accountant can assist you tremendously when examining your profit and loss statement as it pertains to the true profitability of your business. A formal valuation of your company will often add back these expenses in the form of discretionary cash flow. This measure is most often reviewed by angel investors that are looking to make a capital injection into an existing business. If you are selling your company as a whole to a third party then a very similar financial statement will also be prepared by your business appraiser or certified public accountant.

When it comes to developing financial models, predicting the future is very difficult. You are going to need to conduct a thorough market analysis, a competitive analysis, a demographic analysis, and a target area analysis in order to properly produce your financial statements. As such, we recommend that you review a number of books regarding working with angel investors as well as business planning.



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