Learn How to Draw Cartoons

Learn how to draw cartoons and work from home. People are always seeking ideas to make money from home. Either as additional income or for full time work. If they learn how to draw cartoons they will stand a good chance of succeeding.

A good caricaturist will draw cartoons daily to keep getting better. This professional outlook can make a lot of money over time. With caricature there is always inspiration in abundance. But first you need to learn how to draw cartoons.

Caricature is basically the drawing of a face and body in an exaggerated manner. It is a fun type of cartoon drawing, which gives pleasure to countless people worldwide. And they are more than willing to pay good money to obtain that pleasure.

Every face is different and tells its own story. A face is the best source of inspiration for the fun artist. Whereas, animals are a less source of inspiration.

It’s amazing how caricature distorts your features, yet still portrays an amazing likeness!

Caricatures of politicians can usually be interpreted as insulting. They occur usually when a politician has been unpopular. A caricaturist will sell that type of work to newspapers and magazines. Yet I have never read of any of those artists being sued for defamation of character!

Maybe most politicians have a better sense of humour than we realise. Or maybe they just don’t want their cartoon features to be portrayed in court. Likewise their lawyers, with the whole matter giving fuel to more fun art. Even some politicians in ancient Pompeii were portrayed with caricature. 4anime

George Cruikshank was a famous British caricaturist and book illustrator who lived between 1792 and 1878. He regularly created political caricatures attacking the royal family and prominent politicians. George III of the United Kingdom was so concerned by this famous artist, that he offered a bribe of GBP100 not to be portrayed for fun.

One of the first American caricaturists was Thomas Nast, who lived between 1840 and 1902. Nast became famous for his political caricatures.

Another famous American caricaturist is Sam Viviano, who was born in 1953. Viviano brought side views into his fun art as well as front views. Those type of drawings produced caricatures with wide jaws, which Viviano became famous for. He also gets rave reviews for many of his crowd scenes. Viviano is a perfect example of how to make money with fun art.



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