We’re In This Together 


If you are on Facebook, maybe you’ve seen the new response emoji that has been added to the collection: “Care” with the message “Even separated, we’re in the same boat.”  scorpio zodiac sign


Furthermore, this made me think about Thursday’s Full Moon in Scorpio. The Full Moon on May seventh is at 17° Scorpio, directly in the core of the Scorpio. 


The Full Moon is ternary Neptune in Pisces. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. Both the Moon and Neptune are “water” planets to get a 4x portion of “water” or dynamic force, imagination, instinct, and compassion. 


Regardless of whether Scorpio has a hard shell, it is as yet a softie inside. Not that it will show it! In any case, (the not many) individuals who become acquainted with a Scorpio realize that where it counts, Scorpio profoundly minds. 


Scorpios don’t simply say they give it a second thought; they DO mind. Their feelings are exceptional. Their affection is genuine. 


The Moon is in inconvenience in Scorpio, and that is because the Moon characteristics don’t normally mix with Scorpio’s characteristics. The Moon brings light into obscurity and has a nature of enlightenment, reflection, and receptiveness. Scorpio leans towards dim corners, and it doesn’t open up without any problem. 


That is the reason Scorpio’s main exercise is that of trust. Scorpios don’t confide ineffectively because they realize that the world can be a hazardous spot to live in. Individuals can let you down. A fiasco can strike whenever. Furthermore, therefore, they are consistently careful. 


We can more readily get Scorpio if we take a gander at the contrary sign, Taurus. Taurus is the thing that we have because independently. Scorpio is the thing that we have because of converging with others. 


Furthermore, combining is dull and alarming – it is loaded up with a secret, insider facts, risk. Yet, it is the lone spot where genuine closeness can occur in absolute surrender. When we realize that something can hurt us, we give up because surrender, trust, and closeness are innate pieces of the human experience. 


Furthermore, in that dull, undetectable, and puzzling spot, genuine associations are shaped—invisible yet indestructible ties. 


The Full Moon in Scorpio is here to disclose that we don’t need to be genuinely together to focus on one another. We don’t need to be together because we’re in the same boat in any case. 


Furthermore, it is in the profound realization that trust is all we truly have, that we can eventually blast the air pocket of division and discover genuine association and sympathy with our kindred people.



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